Re: New Virus Threat

From: "Joao Pinto" <Joao Pinto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| Hi all
| There's a new virus that affects Windows Update. It turns Automatic Update
| in services.msc you can see it disables it. It also disables any version of
| Norton Anti-Virus.
| It creates a service called ##exmodul.exe that immediately connects to the
| internet sending thousands of infected mails. It has been identified as a
| trojan but it looks like a worm.
| It mutates from any number to another. I my case it started as 46exmodul.exe
| to 77exmodul.exe. The point is that this exploits a windows weakness and
| there's no tool to remove it from Norton or Windows Update and apparently
| neither Microsoft or Symantec knows about it.
| I have both Windows and Internet Security fully up-to-date.

Is there a NT Service called "Windows Log" created on the infected PC ?



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