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respectfully disagree with Panda_man. Disabling system restore should
be a last resort option. An infected restore point is better than none
at all.

Now that is what I call an intelligent saying or comment . You are not serious of course?

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"wng_z3r0--MSMVP Security" <wng_z3r0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:eScqKDXcGHA.4976@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I respectfully disagree with Panda_man. Disabling system restore should
be a last resort option. An infected restore point is better than none
at all. I would also suggest you /* change your passwords */ from a
non-infected computer! They may have been comprised. You may also wish
to attempt a kasparsky scan. The scan will not clean, but it is a good
indication on the state of your computer:
Please do an online scan

You will be promted to install an ActiveX component from Kaspersky,
Click Yes.
[*]The program will launch and then start to download the latest
definition files.
[*]Once the scanner is installed and the definitions downloaded, click
[*]Now click on Scan Settings
[*]In the scan settings make that the following are selected:
[*]Scan using the following Anti-Virus database:
[*]Extended (If available otherwise Standard) << very important to use
extended it possible
[*]Scan Options:
[*]Scan Archives
[*]Scan Mail Bases
[*]Click OK
[*]Now under select a target to scan select My Computer
[*]The scan will take a while so be patient and let it run. Once the
scan is complete it will display if your system has been infected.
[*]Now click on the Save as Text button:
[*]Save the file to your desktop.
[*]Copy and paste that information in your next post.


Panda_man wrote:
My reply is at the bottom of your message :

"Simonel" wrote:

My computer refuses to do the pull down menu on the Internet Explorer
address line and on Word Perfect "File" tab. The WP problem
disappears once I sweep with webroot adware removal software, but it
keeps coming back. Lately, when I try to access some web sites a window
pops up requesting my username and password, yet rejecting any
combination I try, something that does not happen at my computer at
work (the same web site does not request username or password). It
seems I have a problem with a malicious adware or virus. I already have
McAfee, which never detects any viruses, and 2 adware removal
softwares: webroot and a Swedish program called adware SE plus (all 3
are regularly updated). Any recommendations for any other adware
removal programs? - Simonel

Hello ! Do you turn off System Restore because an infected file may
replicate from it and them we are still on the same position. Do you scan in
Safe Mode ?

Perform the malware removal instructions in my web-site to check/clean

In addition to that ,sweep your system in Safe Mode using SpySweeper just
like with the other softwares suggested.



Microsoft MVP - Security 2006

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