Leythos wrote:
Can you SEE the difference Leythos?

I got news for you, but unless it's storing an image, at least a partial
image or a very large set of files someplace, it's not going to be able
to "restore" your system.

So, that means that it's just a crappy hardware storage solution that
anyone could build on their own without the need for such crap.

Believe me, and I don't need your respect, your product is not something
that you believe it is - it's just a reimager no matter how you look at
it. It does have storage or if could not restore PC to a previously
clean state - not to mention that it doesn't prevent infection while

Now Pc Guard:
Does not occupy any usable space in your HHDD.
Pc Guard will NOT let ANYTHING get installed on your HHDD without users
Now that is total control.
No more surprises after surfing the net, or opening attachments on your email.

If PC Guard doesn't use any disk space on the users system, then it has
to have storage space some place or it won't be able to restore the
system, so, either you're all hype or your just not sure of how the
product really works.

Oh, and do you really think that people actually want Malware installed
on their computers, they do it all the time without understanding, which
would happen on your solution also.

In one Data sheet it says it can recover 40GB of data in 2~8 seconds,
which your misleading statement above seems to indicate if it's saving
40GB of data every time I reboot, then it's taking 40GB of space some

I like the way your claims say "Does not occupy any usable space in your

Come on, it's a hardware clone device, it's not a means to have a great
system and it's not magic, it's just the same as cloning an image and
restoring it when needed. If I boot up, clone an image to a spare drive,
then use my computer, get malware, reboot, restore the image, reboot,
then I'm just the same as your crap.

I have no Idea how old are you, or how mature you are.
But for the way you master the use of the word CRAP, I assume you must be not
older than 12.
But still I'll take my time to instruct you, kiddo.

I have a computer with 120Gb HHDD, protected by Pc Guard since May 2005
I love to download songs via P2P, share pictures and files.
I go anywhere on the internet without restrictions or worries of becaming
I feel free to open any e-mail attachment I want.
My computer always works for me with 100% of its resources available.

Tomorrow, when I turn on my computer I KNOW for sure that my computer will be
healthy, will be ready, will be fast for me.!!

Can your small boxed brain take that, Leythos?
Face the facts, Pc Guard is the new piece of hardware that faces this malware
problem from another point of view.
And its effective.

**Hope I have helped**

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