Re: I have a problem ??? zopenssl.dll

the carpet man wrote:
I have just been infected by zopendll.dll and zopenssl.sys know as

After spending the whole of today, I think I have got rid of it

But I have now found
all files have the same date/time. OK these appear to be Trojans as
well, but where have they come from ??

Also I have 'hosts' file and a 'uniq' file. The uniq file is empty,
but hosts contains the following.


I have done numerous scans with different software but none have
picked up these 4 files.

Any suggestions of software that will pick them up, and as to where
they have come from ???



I am the author of SUPERAntiSpyware. SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition is a
100% free anti-spyware scanner. We see this infection typically from
Warez and Serial sites, our software should remove the infected files.
Do the scan in Safe Mode:

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Nick Skrepetos