RE: WinFixer2005

Hello!My reply is mixed with your words :

"Ian" wrote:

I'm new to this game so if this is not the right place to direct my notes,
will someone tell me the correct place please?

Panda_man : Here is the right place :)

I am running XP(Home) SP2. I have Norton AntiVirus2004: Spybot:
MicrosoftAntoSpywareBeta1: All have been vigorously kept up to date.

Panda_man : XP Sp2 => well .
SpyBot S&D => well .
Norton Antivirus 2004 and MS Antispyware beta 1 => bad because they are old.

this, the latest scan by NAV2004 has detected a Security Risk named
Panda_man : Bad!

I followed NAV's instructions but was told the file(s) could not be deleted.
Reading additional information didn't help because NAV seemed unsure whether
the intrusion was a security risk or not.
However, it gave detailed instructions as to editing my Registry...something
I feel I am not qualified to do, and certainly not if the "risk" is

Panda_man : It is something more than just a risk!

Can someone tell me if WinFixer2005 will do damage to my PC, and if so, is
there a program that will take the required actions to cleanup my PC.

Panda_man : Decision >>> Visit my web-page
and perform the fast malware removal instructions including McAfee's tool.

If this doesn't help you , perform the detailed malware removal instructions.

Malware means malicious software and includes all kind of security threats.

I cannot understand why my Norton NAV does not give more help. If it detects
a risk, why won't it fix it....all advertising suggests it does!

Panda_man : Norton is basically antivirus software (especially version 2004).
It can't prevent WinFixer from being installed and Norton is also weak to
deal with such a nasty thing.

When you clean your computer , learn how to protect your computer :

Prevention is always better than cure !
Panda TruPrevent - the most intelligent technology to combat unknown malware


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