Re: Media Center Edition and AV

prosol wrote:

Can anyone suggest an anti-virus and firewall for a laptop running
Center Edition? It is a Toshiba Qosmio, if that helps. I've had good
results with eAccelleration's Stop Sign in the past, but when I tried
to install that suite, I got blue screen errors (bsod) when certain
apps tried to access the internet.
Part 2 to this question would be: Has anyone tried AVG in an MCE
environment? Another app with which I've had good results .
Thank you, all,
Don from PA

Any good antivirus that runs on XP will run on XP MCE which is just a
superset of XP Pro. For a firewall, you can use XP Service Pack 2
Windows Firewall or a third-party one like Kerio or ZoneAlarm depending
on your needs and preferences. I use F-Prot AV on my Windows machines,
but there are lots of others. NOD32 and Kaspersky are considered
particularly good. Most techs (like me) who don't sell Norton and
McAfee products don't recommend them.

For a free AV, I personally prefer Avast to AVG.

In any case, make sure your computer is completely clean before
installing an antivirus program.

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