Re: b.exe is very usefull for such

It will help you to locate where exactly b.exe is written in registry - just
delete it from registry and make sure it's not written again there. Notify
us here


"Macca" <Macca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks for the reply David.When I run MSCONFIG.EXE I can`t find anything
resembling b.exe. Have found app in c\windows labelled "B'. Delete it each
time any when I restart windows it`s back. Have scaned in safe mode can`t
pickanything up>
Details of notice
"AppName: b.exe AppVer: ModName: b.exe
ModVer: Offset: 000c4b5b"

Thanks Macca

"David H. Lipman" wrote:

From: "Macca" <Macca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| Every time I start my PC I get a message "b.exe has encounted a problem
| needs to close". I have tried finding it and can`t. I am running XP
Home SP2.
| Have installed Windows Defender and it can`t find it. Running Norton`s
| Works & Lavasoft ADware no go.Have also run "regedit" but can`t find
| program. Can any one help?

Execute MSCONFIG.EXE and go to trhe StartUp tab.
Find the line item that loads B.EXE and disable it themn reoot the PC.

Based upon the path noted to B.EXE found in MSCONFIG.EXE...

Please submit a sample of "B.EXE" to Virus Total --
The submission will then be tested against many different AV vendor's
That will give you an idea what it is and who recognizes it. In
addition, unless told
otherwise, Virus Total will provide the sample to all participating

You can also submit a suspect, one at a time, via the following email

When you get the report, please post back the exact results.