Re: b.exe

Macca wrote:

Thanks for the reply David.When I run MSCONFIG.EXE I can`t find
anything resembling b.exe. Have found app in c\windows labelled "B'.
Delete it each time any when I restart windows it`s back. Have scaned
in safe mode can`t pickanything up>
Details of notice
"AppName: b.exe AppVer: ModName: b.exe
ModVer: Offset: 000c4b5b"

1. Do as David suggested and send the file to VirusTotal. For your
convenience, here is the link again:

2. Run either Sysclean or Multi-AV. Instructions and links here: - how to use Dave Lipman's Multi-AV - Multi-AV download

3. Run HijackThis and post your log to one of the specialized forums
(not here). Links here:

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