Re: 890830 The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

From: "Bob" <uctraing@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

| Is it true that this download is a one time occurrence - that is,
| download, run, no trace left behind - even as part of a group of
| "critical updates" ?
| The MS instructions make it clear that if you manually download it as
| a separate product and run it that is it a one time shot - but if you
| let it get downloaded as a part of Windows Critical Updates does it
| perform the same way? That is, there are no programs/modules left
| behind to load and execute on a daily basis ?
| Thanks,

It will download and execute as an "One Demand" anti virus type scanner.

It is not a HotFix and so you will not find it in the Control Panel applet, Add/Remove

The last version executed *IS* left behind...

The utility is...

Command line switches...

/? or /HELP = displays the command line switches
/Q = quiet
/N = detect only
/F = force extended scan
/F:Y = force extended scan and automatically clean infected files

The following is the resultant log file...