Re: What is a good free antivirus protection program? Is AVG a good free program?

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>> On Sat, 31 Dec 2005 03:32:59 GMT, "Phil Weldon"
>> >Another urban myth goes down.
>> Nope - not until we know:
>> 1) Whether this is corporate or consumer "Norton"
> Since the "Norton" version is the Home/Consumer version, and the
> Symantec is the Corporate, when I stated Norton AV 2006, it implies
> Home/Consumer version - which it was - the 5 pack to be specific.
>> 2) Whether the settings were as default, and what they were
> Several Systems as follows:
> All systems were formatted/installed from scratch, MS Office 2003
> Professional Installed. All updates from Windows Update.
> Platforms:
> Windows 2000 Prof SP4
> Windows XP Prof SP2
>> 3) What the system spec was
> P3/966mhz/256MB RAM
> P4/3.2ghz/512MB RAM
>> It may be a case of "Norton AV won't slow you down as long as you have
>> an extra 512M RAM lying around to support the load; RAM is cheap" etc.
> Both systems responded the same after the initial startup - meaning that
> one the system was booted, loggeded in, and had time to complete loading
> the background apps, there was no detectable difference between the
> systems running with/without Norton 2006 AV.

That's a clean install, wait until Norton has "Found and Corrected" a few
things :)


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