McAfee DAT v4664 dat files have been released early due to new variants of Exploit-WMF

The 4664 dat files have been released early due to publicly-released new
variants of Exploit-WMF code. DAT files will also include detection for a new
variant of Backdoor-CEP known to have been downloaded by Exploit-WMF spam.

The various 4664 dat file packages can be found at

The new 5000 Engine Beta is available
The McAfee Scanning Engine forms the core malware detection and repair component
of many McAfee Anti-Malware products. Building on the success of the 4400
release, the next generation of the McAfee Scan Engine will take the protection
that we offer our customers to a higher level by offering the benefits listed

New Product Features
ELEVATED PROTECTION: Improved automatic identification and removal of malware
delivering to the customer the next generation of best-of-breed Scanning
Engines. The 5000 Scan Engine offers improved protection against existing, new
and future threats and increases the depth and breadth of the protection McAfee
provide our customers.

FASTER SCANNING: We've listened to customers who asked for a faster Scan Engine
whilst maintaining unbeatable malware detection rates. The 5000 Engine delivers
superior performance to current products using the McAfee Scan Engine on all
supported platforms.

EASE OF UPGRADE! 100% drop-in compatibility with the existing McAfee Scanning
Engine and DAT files. It's easy to upgrade; just replace your existing Engine
with the new version and you're protected.

What's new in the 5000 Engine release? - The detail...

The 5000 Engine introduces a new programming interface with improved
consistency of messages and access to new detection and cleaning features (see
below) whilst maintaining compatibility with existing applications that use the
previous version (4.4.00) of the Application Programming Interface.

Improved handling for potentially unwanted software that has multiple

Support for multiple instances of the engine in the same process.

Thread-safe code to allow multi-threaded applications.

Support for detection and cleaning for Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)
registry and Internet Explorer cookies.

Faster updating of DAT file information, using micro-incremental DAT update

Pre-notification of object cleaning, enabling objects to be saved for possible
later restoration.

Supported Platforms...

Windows NT & Windows 9X derived systems in a 32bit or 64 bit Native DLL
Intel Linux
Sun Solaris
Windows 9X VxD
Apple Macintosh OSX

For access to the 5000 Beta Engine please refer to:

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