Re: Windows 2000 keeps restarting

Bruce Chambers wrote:

> Suhel Bholat wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Everytime I start my PC, I get the Dell splash screen, then the
>> Windows splash screen after that, I get a blank blue screen and then
>> a couple of lines of text which only appears for a split second and
>> the cycle continues to repeat itself over and over again.
> To get started troubleshooting the cause of your problems, we'll
> need to learn what specific errors are occurring and being recorded.
> To get the error message from the blue screen (a.k.a. the BSOD --
> Blue Screen of Death), you'll need to turn off WinXP's automatic
> reboot "feature:" Right-click My Computer > Properties > Advanced >
> Startup and Recovery > Uncheck "Automatically restart." The next time
> your PC crashes, you'll be left with a blue screen full of memory
> addresses and other seeming gibberish. The top 2 or 3 lines of this
> screen will contain information that can help solve your problem.
> Carefully write down these lines and post the exact text back here.
> Hopefully, one of us will be able to provide some insight.
> Additionally, you should check your Event Logs to see if they can
> shed any light on the matter, To do so, Right-click My Computer >
> Manage > Event Viewer > System and Application. Record the specifics
> of any red-flagged error messages and post the exact text back here.
> Again, hopefully, one of us will be able to provide some insight.

>> Is this a symptom of a virus?
> No. It's either a hardware or a device driver failure, most likely.

Suhel, you've got two threads about this problem going. One is in and one is here. I answered the one
in the other newsgroup. Multiposting like this is not a good idea; it
just makes more work for everyone and fragments your answers. Crosspost
judiciously instead. Here's a link explaining that:

Decide which of those two threads you're going to follow and drop the
other one (or add crossposting to it). I'm not saying this to hurt your
feelings but rather to help you maximize your chances of getting your
issue resolved.

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