Re: Spyware Removal

Because I like to piss you off. Besides the link has been posted on my forum
and other NG's for 2 days now. Groups you don't visit and I like to keep it
that way. My groups don't get disrupted by people like you.

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> says...
>> The tool is free as all the tools I use whether I make them or not are
>> free.
>> I don't make money doing this, unlike the spammer you all love called
>> Nick
>> Skrepetos. Why do you ask?
> Why hide from the world who you are PCBUTTS.
> If you don't have stolen code or pirated tools, then post a link to a
> website where people can download it - not a link to an exe, a link to a
> file that describes the tool and then offers a link to download it like
> a real security person would.
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