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Max Wachtel wrote:
Nope@xxxxxxx AKA Catamount on 12/15/2005 in
<uuTvBkXAGHA.220@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> after much thought,came up with
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Catamount wrote:
David H. Lipman wrote:
From: "Catamount" <Nope@xxxxxxx>

 Ok, so I got this machine that HAD a virus.  I am not sure
which one as  I only found parts of a virus that seem to be
parts of several virus'.   One of my users did something right
and noticed something strange and  disconnected from the
Internet right away.  So anyway, I have this  re.exe that
Symantec Corp Edition keeps finding as a  "Hacktool.HideWindow"
in the system volume information folder and  leaves  it alone.
Why does it leave it alone?  Who knows, its set to delete  such
things.  I do know that the folder is set so only the system
can  access it, but I can change that.  I am concerned however
that this  might break something if I go into that folder and
mess with it.   Anyone  know if its safe for me to go in and
just delete it?
You are using WinXP -- Right ?

Hacktool.HideWindow --

Under the folder System Volume Information is _restore
c:\System Volume Information\_restore

This is the WinXP System Restore cache.  Malware can't be removed
from  this location as it is protected by the OS.  If you don't
want to get re-infected by  restoring it, you need to flush the
System Restore cache by disabling System Restore, rebooting  the
PC and then re-enabling the System Restore.  It would be a good
idea to create a  new restore point after the System Restore
cache has been re-enabled.

Thats what I thought and so I turned off system restore, but didn't
re-enable.  I will re-enable it and see if that clears it up.  I
will  let you know.  Thanks David!
Nope. Still there. Any other suggestions?
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when you turned off system restore did you reboot?


Yes. I even went through the steps again just to make sure. .

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