RE: Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool?

This is a little tool that removes selected viruses (worms mostly) .
It is update once a month and all Windows users receives it with the
Critical updates.It isn't necessary to use it ,but is useful. It doesn't
It runs only once ,automatically, and informs you only if something is

And something say you have Ewido .What Ewido's exactly your have.
If you have their security suit ,you should remove it because you 'd better
not keep more than one security suits permanent.
You need :
1 firewall -always ON
windows updates-automated
1 antivirus with real time protection-always ON
1 antispyware with real time protection -always ON
1 antispyware without real-time protection

Norton is enoght for antivirus.Make sure it is always updated.

--- Useful pages ---
different kinds of free or trial security software.
Microsoft MVP Charlie Russel's article about Dealing with malware
Really good and detailed
Because of the campaign "Children and the Internet"
Panda Software offers 90 day free trial version of one of the best security
Panda Platininum Internet Security 2005 awarded with many prizes
useful tips for protecting computers
Instructions from Microsoft how to use Microsoft Antispyware
Panda Software free Active Scan,where you can check your
PC for ALL TYPES of security threats and clean viruses and worms
Kaspersky free online scanner and checker for suspicious files.
Send F-prot AV suspicious files for fast analyze and and it is all for FREE
Microsoft Windows Malware Removal Tool
Free Microsoft support and suggestions (for genuie clients)

Microsoft (R)
suggests 3 + 1 general steps how to protect
your PC and the infomation stored on it,
your privacy and your family
1.Use an internet firewall
2.Enable Automatic Updates for your PC
3.Use an antivirus software
4.Use antispyware software

Goto and learn more
Check the Security Essentials for your OS and also have a look at all

Nice day!

Let''s beat malware black and blue
Panda TruPrevent - the most intelligent technology to comba unknown malware

"TNorth" wrote:

> Thoughts and opinions on the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool please?
> Is anyone using it? Are there problems with it?
> I run NAV 2006 one full scan a week plus "short" scans every other day,
> Ad-Aware SE weekly, and Ewido weekly. Do I need this MS tool as well?
> Once it is installed - does it always run or is it a one-shot deal each
> month?
> Any thoughts or ideas appreciated!
> Thanks!
> TN

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