Re: Question for Nick Skrepetos

I use IE6 exclusively, Google toolbar popup blocker, Adaware, Spybot S&D,
SpywareBlaster.. my system did not allow a single popup in any of the

Glad that I don't use any of these newly introduced browsers that
occasionally let stuff through.. :-)

Mike Hall
MVP - Windows Shell/User

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>> > You can visit sites like to see the
>> > various types of pop-ups that can be blocked if you want to "see it in
>> > action".
>> Nick, good reference site - I tested using FireFox 1.7 with my normal
>> settings and only one pop-up came up, the Drop Down one. It's nice to
>> see that FireFox does not expose us to near what IE does and then to
>> have valid test tools.
>> It's also interesting to note, on my normal workstation, where I have IE
>> set for the Microsoft recommended High-Security mode for untrusted
>> sites, that none of the pop-ups worked at all, not even the "Drop Down"
>> one that worked in FireFox.
> Sorry, I need to correct the FireFox version, it was tested using 1.0.7.
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