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Date: 11/28/05

Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 08:08:26 -0800

The one in question is

"Phyllis" <> wrote in message
> Please post the link to your website once again.
> "4help" <> wrote in message
> news:umILOxC9FHA.3592@TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl...
>> You are an obsessed, mad, upset, lying stalker. Nothing more nothing
>> less. I keep changing names to keep your stalking ass of my back. I stole
>> nothing from nobody. Like the other poster said, let them come after me
>> if I stole something from them. You have been blabbering this sh*t for
>> over 5 months yet I am still here and nothing has changed. I still send
>> links to my website, I am still authorized to distribute the hundred or
>> so software files from my websites and there is nothing you are going to
>> do about. What I do I do legally thats why I still do it. You are just
>> obsessed and pissed because all of your attempts have failed. BTW my
>> winfixer clean count is now up to 75. You need to get off that high
>> horse you put yourself on and stop thinking you are the newsgroup netcop
>> and that your way is the right way. You keep crying like a baby, grow up.
>> It's getting old and disrupting the newsgroups all of them.
>> "Leythos" <void@nowhere.lan> wrote in message
>> news:qOAif.125513$
>>> In article <>,
>>> says...
>>>> Suggestion to Leythos and all who are as pissed as him......State your
>>>> case and move on. Let the people who create the code, script, or
>>>> whatever pursue a resolution legally if they feel as strongly as you.
>>>> YMMV
>>> I'm not pissed or upset and I have an always will post a reply about a
>>> violation of security norms. When this started he was posting links to
>>> vendors products that he was hosting without giving them credit for
>>> them, they were direct links to files, not a download page, not a
>>> vendors site or mirror, and the vendors said they didn't not give
>>> permission.
>>> Later he started stealing code, even from a microsoft MVP, and again,
>>> gave direct link to the exe, not a download page, not a single bit of
>>> credit given to the author.
>>> Again, in requesting that people email him for files, it's another BAD
>>> thing to ask people - you should NEVER download/install files from
>>> someone not honorable enough to post in public - you never know what you
>>> are getting.
>>> So, for me at least, it started and remains an issue of violating
>>> security norms, nothing more. The mentioning of the theft is just to
>>> show his character and track record.
>>> I don't let little lamers like pcbutts get me upset, he's not worth the
>>> time, but I will mention it when I see anyone violating security norms.
>>> --
>>> remove 999 in order to email me

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