Adding Server with Corporate: Standard on all PCs too?
Date: 11/16/05

Date: 16 Nov 2005 04:45:45 -0800

I am helping at a small charity where the PCs generally have AVG on
them, which probably updates automatically (although there are so many
problems in the IT setup, who knows ...) but I want to add a server to
their network, and in many ways start from scratch.

For this I need something that can run on a server, and I've got
Symantec Corporate Edition for a minimum of ten users from Civica for

My inclination is to remove all antivirus and security stuff from the
PCs and just use Symantec Corporate for everything, to match the
server. But there may be resistance to this.

What would be the implications of running or not running the same
version on all machines? Is there a way of centralising the updates,
to save on downloads? (In Norton Corporate 7.0 I know that pushing out
the updates from the server just didn't work in my previous workplace
and I had to download the intelligent updater file and run it via login

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