Re: help please. malware removal advice

From: Lisa Simpson (
Date: 10/14/05

Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 19:26:31 -0400

download/install/run Ewido, AdAware, MS Malicious Software Removal Tool, and
the MS AntiSpyware software; that should solve the problem.

"" <> wrote in message
> thanks guys, unfortunatly didnt work, for some reason this virus doesnt
> up in safe mode mcafee scan, any other suggestions would be much
> i have the log of hijack this in notepad how do i send it and who to?
> "" wrote:
> > hi, i would be extremly grateful for advice in removing New Malware!bot
> > c\\ system 32 msnmsgr. [new memory trojan], mcafee is unable to
> > delete,clean,or quarantine this virus, it is really affecting my pc,s
> > performance, so far i have tried to scan from trendmicro but although i
> > downloaded the scan ok, my pc would not perform the scan, it just was
> > on the '' trendmicro is about to perform a scan'', message. i have
> > several times to no avail. i have also deleted msn messenger from add
> > programmes, but the virus remains, my system is windows xp service pack
2, my
> > homepage is . as far as i know i am up to date,
> > pop ups keep appearing] adware?. i am classed as a beginner pc knowledge
> > wise. thank you, lisa.