Re: Trojon.vundo

From: Nick Skrepetos \(\) (
Date: 10/09/05

Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2005 21:08:31 -0700


Super Ad Blocker's SUPERAntiSpyware scanner should detect and remove that
for you:

Super Ad Blocker has a kernel driver that will delete that file for you. The
trial is fully functional and you can uninstall after you scan.

Nick Skrepetos

"GaoYuQing" <> wrote in message
> Ok, here's the scoop. have this virus in windows\system32\geebx.dll
> because it's in windows, i can't delete it because its part of the program
> being used, namely windows. NAV keeps it up in a window that i can't even
> get rid of on my computer. i followed the link from this window and
> downloaded fixvundo and ran that and it couldn't even find it. NAV finds
> but can't quarantine or delete it, and i can't delete it manually either,
> again, presumably because it's part of windows and running. i tried it in
> regular and in safe mode. nothing seems to work. please help, it's
> up my computer and i cant get rid of the pop-up. :(