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Date: 10/02/05

Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2005 09:35:01 -0700

Did you notice Cedrick said "Anymore" meaning I had permission before you
and Leythos and ignorant MVP's Not Official MS employee's who misrepresented
themselves sent numerous emails email to him full of lies. MS does not care
what I or anybody does that does not effect them. Those MVP's lied I seen
the emails. The problem is solved between me and Cedrick. I had to
straighten out the mess and lies you told him and I still have a link to his
software on my sites. The Spybot - Search & Destroy email you received was
from some lame employee who does not know who pcbutts1 is or their own
policy. It was never a problem. What you fail or refuse to understand is
that anyone and anybody can distribute spybot and mirror it. Had you not
been so obsessed with me and trying for months to close me down by sending
fake, false and misleading emails to my ISP, hosting company, vendors, and
DSV who has nothing what so ever to do with this, you would have read
Spybots own licensing agreement from Patrick himself " If you want to
mirror Spybot-S&D, feel free to do so as long as you don't modify the
original archive. If you want to be kept up to date about major updates, you
can subscribe to the mailing list. Official mirrors need to fulfill the
Mirror Policy.
Now if you and leythos have not lied to them that employee who sent you that
email would have known their own policy but you have poisoned his mind like
you are trying to do the people of this newsgroup. Get help and leave me

"David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> wrote in message
> "You have the permission to publish the following statement in any
> newsgroup or
> forum:"
> "The domain holder of is not a legal
> (re-)distributor of the anti-spyware software Spybot - Search & Destroy
> and he/she has no right to offer downloads of that software from
> his/her website.
> Safer Networking Ltd. explicitly dissociates from that person, his/her
> comments and language, his/her website and his/her offers for
> downloading its program from his/her site.
> The original Spybot - Search & Destroy shall be downloaded from
> or from one of our official partners'
> websites only.
> Safer Networking Ltd."
> "Hello everyone,
> My name is Cedrick Collomb I am the author of Unlocker, do not hesitate to
> contact me at ccollomb DeleteThis if you have any question.
> My official webpage is
> And for obvious security reasons I recommend you to download my software
> from my webpage only or from official listed websites listed at the bottom
> of the page.
> PCButts1: You sent me emails asking for the permission to use unlocker on
> your website, and in your emails you said that your website was to help
> users dealing with spyware and computer problems. I can not find such a
> page
> on your website, moreover you directly link my software on your server
> whereas you should have directly linked my software on my webpage with
> for example.
> I have not given you any explicit authorisation, in my answer to you I
> have
> told you that I would prefer you to link on my webpage, but since I am not
> naive and could not enforce it, I tolerated it on your website given that
> your intents and the description you gave me were accurate. Obviously they
> were not.
> Thus I do not allow you anymore to distribute any version of my software
> Unlocker on your website.
> Thank you for your understanding.
> Cedrick Collomb "
> "Hello,
> Yes I made this post on the newsgroup to ask PCBUTTS1
> to stop to release my software after a Microsoft
> newsgroup official brought my attention on PCBUTTS1
> behaviour.
> It is not a forgery, that is why I included my email
> in the message.
> I have no time to complain and follow that. That is
> why I tolerated that he used unlocker if he respected
> his previous description of his website. However is
> description was deceiptive.
> He knows this is not a forgery since he did not send
> me an email to be sure. He knows he made something
> wrong and is denying it.
> Hope this helps,
> Cedrick Collomb"
> "- Is this website "" authorised to distribute
> Unlocker? No it is
> not."
> --
> Dave