From: phil (
Date: 08/17/05

Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 06:02:14 -0400

There are a lot of hoaxes coming and going on the internet. It doesn`t harm.
I keep my computer clean. Keep my fingers crossed. because there are always
new viruses, worms etc.
But I am very careful, especially with things attached. I never open
anything, before having it scanned for malware.
And every Sunday, I devote a couple of hours, to scan my computer.
As for the tennis tournament, I found it on the TV. The tournament is
downtown ,as I said, about 20 minutes by car. In the traffic hours, it`s an
If I can find out exactly when, I might watch the Belgians play. Of course I
heard about them.
My spouse has more and more excruciating pains in her arms ,legs and head.
It`s strange, when she is painting, it`s ok, but she gets tired of sitting
straight up in the same position, and as soon as she sits in the rocking
chair, there are the pains.
She takes special pain-pills, but even this is of little help.
Swimming helps for a couple hours.
Happy you enjoyed your friend yesterday. Happy ,that you shared your luck
with me.
Keep trucking.
XX Phil