Re: MBlast Symptoms - MBlast not found???

From: Parley D. Kennelly, CPA (
Date: 08/02/05

Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 07:29:12 -0700

"Robert Moir" <> wrote in message
> Parley D. Kennelly, CPA wrote:
>> Rob,
>> Thanks for your reply.
>> Yes, I did a complete reinstall of WinXP SP2 and then installed Norton
>> Antivirus. Then I ran all the updates from Microsoft. I would
>> consider that a major change in the system.
>> I am able to do a shutdown -a to stop the restart process. How do I
>> check the log files to see which process was stopped?
>> I've run the full system scan with Norton Internet Security 2005 with
>> current updates and it comes up clean.
> Malke's advice would be a good place to start before you move onto my
> ideas below...
> For the log files, open the start menu, then control panel, performance
> and maintenance, administrative tools, and lastly double-click event
> viewer.
> Inspect the system log, we're looking for processes that fail round about
> the time of each boot up and/or when the error message appears on screen.
> Are you using any remote control software such as PC Anywhere? Did the
> errors not appear until you installed the AntiVirus software? These are
> examples of the sort of things that have to change the way the OS works,
> and hence have a chance of causing this kind of problem.
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Thank you both,

I ran HJT and had it fix a couple of questionable items and items that I
thought were fine but that I could restore later if I needed to. It seems
to have worked. If I have any other problems I'll let you know.