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Date: 07/02/05

Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 11:49:08 GMT

On Wed, 29 Jun 2005 10:16:51 -0700, "boaz" <> wrote:

>My last attemp to figure out which virus program to use seems to be a
>failure. It ends up way off the topic. And I have been thinking about what
>the problem was. After couple hours, I've finally realized that I was
>asking the wrong question for my problem. My mistake is to ask "Which virus
>program to use?" Well... this is a dumb question. The answer is simply "It
>depends". Interestingly, this is what I got from my last post.
>So, to start from squre one, I will ask a very different question for the
>same problem. I hope this time you guys can help me out better.
>I am in a process of getting a virus program.
>So, what virus program do you guys use?
>So far, Jim suggested AVAST, and Dave suggested AVG. The major reason seems
>to be because they are free.

Perhaps ad the question: "& why".
I've used all the free scanners an it is my opinion that AGV, Avast &
AntiVir are the best. Well,.. just to say that difference is in
Easy update, get AVG or Avast
Los resources, get AntiVir
Overal recognition: AVG & AntiVir, with Avast just behind. BUt that's
for all known virusses, in the wild it will make no difference.
Avast gave some problems at the last upgrade with ZoneLabs
Now I combine (as proposed) AVG with Kerio (firewall)
These 3 don't perform less than payware.
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