external HD "Ethernet" Vs. Virus

From: PaoloB (mrexcel_at_libero.it)
Date: 06/28/05

Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 21:35:43 +0200

Hi, I have in my LawOffice a LAN and 5 PC with WinXP Sp2 (I have Not
Server), and Norton AntiVirus
I'm going to by an external HD "Ethernet". I would like to know if it is
safe. If I'm not wrong, when you use an external HD that is Not "Ethernet"
it is necessary that it is linked with a first PC that is switch on (and
that PC has Norton), so you have a *double check* because also the second
PC, that wont to access to the HD, has Norton.
Instead when you use an external HD "Ethernet" you don't need the first PC,
linked with HD, that has to be switch on (it could be switch off) so, in
this case, there is only *one check* (I hope) of Norton by the PC that try
to access to th HD. Is it true? Can I be safe in a LAN with an external HD

Thanks, PaoloB