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From: Crouchie1998 (
Date: 05/29/05

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    Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 23:24:07 +0100

    I disagree with downloading Ad Aware from Lavasoft as it is proven to
    produce false negatives. Steer clear of it because you have the best one
    installed already.

    All you need to do is either download MSCONFIG & disable some startup items
    or the best way, go into the registry editor & delete the entries manually.

    All you have to do is create a backup copy of the RUN registry key & then
    delete things like ADOBE, QUICKTIME, Messenger Software, RealTray, but leave
    firewall & antivirus software there.

    MSConfig can be downloaded here:

    All you will have to do is remove the check marks from the RUN keys. You can
    also delete the startup Programs from Spybot S & D by clicking advanced
    mode/Tools/Startup or that's what its is in version 1.4 anyway.

    The Registry Editor Way:

    Click START/RUN type 'regedit' & press ENTER
    Click the '+' signs on:
    & then click the folder (not the plus) of the RUN key. The startup programs
    are in the right-hand pane

    Of course Dave wants you to go to the IKS website because he has it listed
    as his footer like self promoting his own software.

    Post back if you get into problems


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