Re: Antivirus software is the new protection racket

From: kurt wismer (
Date: 05/09/05

Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 07:37:59 -0400

Zvi Netiv wrote:
> kurt wismer <> wrote:
>>NEWS wrote:
>>>As you have all seen by these posts it is not foolproof either.
>>>There are ways of running computers with no fear of infection.
>>snake-oil... there is no panacea, no perfect protection...
> Reset cards, which is what this guy is offering, aren't new. They are almost as
> old as the PC itself.

i realize this, that's not why i called 'snake-oil'...

the implication of 'use this and have no more fear of infection' is that
  it completely solves the virus problem - which, of course, it
doesn't... it may solve the virus recovery problem, but that's a
different matter...

as i'm sure you're aware, this reset card doesn't actually prevent
infection, so a machine can be sitting there pumping out worm instances
until the cows come home and all this product will do is get rid of the
worm when you next reboot but will restore you to the condition that
allowed you to catch the worm in the first place so chances are you
won't be worm free for very long...

"we are the revenants
and we will rise up from the dead
we become the living
we've come back to reclaim our stolen breath"