Re: looking for answers about detecting and deleting rootkits on windows XP OS, and getting really annoyed!!!!!

From: roofy (
Date: 04/20/05

Date: 20 Apr 2005 14:09:13 -0700

> What address does lxupmon.exe try to connect to?

Well I never thought to look to see what address it was tring to
connect to, considering that I recall there wasn't too much info but I
forget exactly what it said

> I don't wish to appear rude but are you sure you're not just putting
this stuff down to a "root kit" because you've been reading about them
a lot lately?

Robert, I didn't take this for being rude. In fact I can understand how
you high tech geniuouses get some really lame questions, but you do
have to realize that when a person scans there system, constantly and
still doesn't see any improvements, sometimes they go to the extreme.
And then when these newsgroups say search other people's post or search
on google, to find answers there can be some really far fetch info on
the internet. And besides, this is my whole point of explaining how
much junky info is out on the net that you don't know what to believe.
I think that some of these computer gruers needs to be placed in some
of these other peoples shoes who are computer iliterate think what
would I do if I got a virus and all there is, is jnunky info that is
out on the internet. I am not saying that I am not computer illiterate,
in fact I have much far more skills then most people do when we use to
use DOS and you needed to know dos commands to exicute programs or
other commands to find files as well as setup batch files that
autoexecute programs to run when you booted the computer. I mean it
would be the same thing as if I laughed at you because you don't know
how to list a folder of file in dos, which is now called command prompt
or cmd.exe, or make a com port printer to print from the command prompt
window. Or how about if you where posting a question in the desktop
publishing newsgroup on something that a web site says that full color
printing stands for mixing rgb colors together, when truely the process
of full color printing or also known as 4 color process stands for
mixing the four pigments of cmyk together which will create full color.
So all in all I would say that I am like the mom and pop style person
when VCR's first came out and they didn't know how to program the timer
to record a movie that was being aired at 6:00 pm etc. So they have
there children like me to program the damb VCR., but maybe the child
didn't know how to play a movie. My point is we all have our areas of
strength, and mine isn't internet security, which I think it is a pain
when all I want to do is do my graphic design art work, but yet I like
to use the internet to keep up with my updates of my artwork on my
homepage, or maybe because I need to update my drivers or maybe share
my artwork with others etc.

anywho, to answer your question, whether am I sure I am not just
putting this stuff down
to a "root kit" because you've been reading about them a lot lately.

Well, my answer to that is considering that I don't know how people can
hack into a computer, and I am not asking how, I would have to say that
I am doing a proccess of limitaion more than just saying oh its got a
be a rootkit.

So far I have scanned with Nortans, nothing. I have scanned with
Adaware, found some entries but still no improvement. I did a chkdsk
scan from the command prompt and said that there where some problems
with the hard drive. So I rebooted and did a chkdsk -f, and there was a
little improvement but then the problem still percist. So I heard
something about rootkits a long time ago, and now that I am having so
many problems thats when I tried looking on the internet and this is
where I stand now.

> Try running 'hijack this' and
looking at what that says is loading at startup and if that looks

I heard of this but wasn't sure what it was and how to read its log.

Also, I have recently looked in the event viewer, and had a look in the
security folder, and I found 3 Usernames, named "Annoymous Loggon" but
they all failed as well as a lot of bad password errors that failed to
log on from the Username SYSTEM.

Now I will go to the reply of lanwench.
> Wow! You are today's recipient of the Usenet Faulkner award for that
sentence. ;-) Also, I doubt you can hear your processor. Your hard
sure. If you can hear your processor, drop the mouse and run very very
away from your computer.

Well what ever it is, it sounds like a huge fan running at full speed.

> really really really am having a hard time reading your post - but
at the
end of the day, if you're that concerned that your PC has a
trojan/virus/rootkit or some other nasty lurking beast, and you can't

I am not sure "concern" is the word I feel. I more feel like I wish I
do have some sort of virus that can be found and that is what is
causing my computer to slow down. Sort of like when you first start
with the sniffles and headaches and feeling naustious but you can't
throw up because your not sick enough, and then you wish that you do
get sick so that you can throw up and and feel better, or see the
doctor to get medicine. I know I sound strange, but thats how I feel.

> then it might be best to back up your data and reinstall. It might be
lot faster. Just my $.02. :)

I have just recently spoke with a live sony tech that said to do a
Recovery install which I will probably do tonight, considering that I
here it can take awhile

Thanks to all for your comments and I will let you know how this works

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