Re: sayclub

From: Bigbruva (
Date: 04/12/05

Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 09:43:57 -0700

The chances are your email account is being used by a spammer to send spam.
There is really nothing you can do about this at the moment (other than
report it to your ISP)
Once the spam bounces it is returned to you :-(

Once we get a universal authenticated email system (don't hold your breath)
this type of thing will become much harder.
However, until then you can only hope the spammer is caught and shutdown
sooner rather than later.


"JS" <> wrote in message
> I'v been getting LOTS of spam with attachments for quite some time now
> from Anyone know anything about this? It's one of those
> "delivery failures" type emails and I have it directed into my deleted
> folder, but it has been going on for so long now, I kind of wonder about
> it. Anyone??

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