Win2k3 SP1 Firewall Exceptions for McAfee ePO3.5?

From: lamaslany (
Date: 04/07/05

Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 11:36:16 +0100

Originally I posted this in windows.server.general but after rereading my
initial post (shockingly little detail!) and finding this firewall newsgroup
I thought I'd try again in windows.networking.firewall. Sadly this seems to
focus mainly on XP issues, so my next port of call is here.

I am trying to map the ports used by ePO to the executables that consume
them. At present I have defined port-based exceptions but I am keen (at
least to try) to follow the best-practice guidelines for the Windows

The services that utilise ports are (The following was taken from the HTTP
Configuration page during setup):
"Agent HTTP Port"
"Console HTTP Port"
"Agent Wake-Up HTTP Port"
"Agent Broadcast HTTP Port"
"Discovery & Notification Service HTTP Port"
"Discovery & Notification Service HTTPS Port"
"Rogue System Sensor HTTPS Port"

A former colleague of mine has already contacted McAfee but was told that
there was no white paper that contained the answers to this question -
rather laughable as the initial request was sent -because- there was no such
information in the white papers. Clearly my hopes that McAfee themselves
would know how their software worked was unfounded! :-(

I would greatly appreciate any assistance that you can offer.

Many thanks,