trojan horse, need help!

From: jdadfc (
Date: 04/01/05

Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 16:23:04 -0800

i have been having a problem with a trojan horse for about 4 months now, i
have had 3 computer people in here and none can fix it. it is infecting my
photo programs and i cant open them without getting an abnormal termination
error, plus system is generally slow and receiving lots of popups and
unsolicited icons. i do not know any technical jargon relating to this
computer and am just looking for the easiest most effective way to get rid of
this thing and move on. virus is called trojan horse dropper agent and virus
software cant remove it, is there anyone who can help me remove this thing
and get rid of my headache for me. thank you to anyone who responds in