Re: Safe to create Ghost image of infected partition?

From: Ian Hoare (
Date: 03/09/05

Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 11:24:55 +0100

Salut/Hi David H. Lipman,

 le/on Tue, 8 Mar 2005 19:59:27 -0500, tu disais/you said:-

>As for the statement...
>| And if you will notice, those that have been slammed with condescending
>| advice/remarks, never reply back or even post again.
>That's becuase it is not about a flame war or personal attack. A condemnation of action (or
>lack of action) is not to be constued as an attack on a person and replying back-and-forth
>just creates a flame war and it goes no-where.

A carefully constructed and well thought out criticism hurts no less than a
cruel and thoughtless remark. It is perfectly possible that in your head you
think "no hard feelings". but what comes across is contempt and cruelty.
>People often forget the concept of "you have to be cruel to be kind".

That may be true for dogs and small children (but not necessarily and not
for all of them). Not many of the people seeking help here fall into these
categories. VERY few people do silly things, knowing they are silly. They do
them out of innocence, or ignorance. At least they've shown the intelligence
to come to the right place and ask for help. They deserve your respect.

>ridiculed for stupidity it sometimes is needed as they will remember the lesson more by the
>situation at hand than if they are treated to sweet responses. The same goes for 3rd party
>thread readers. The whole dialogue sticks in their mids and they remember.

Bollocks. Arrogant self justifying crap. No doubt you're a lovely person,
and very kind to your mother, but your attitude towards those who seek help
here stinks.

>I have been "slammed" all to often for my straight to the point, no-nonsens approach.

No, I've slammed you for arrogant rudeness and NOT helping.

>This is *all* I am going to say on this topic. I will post no reply to support nor defend
>this stance.

Arrogant rudeness.

All the Best
Ian Hoare
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