Re: Java virus???

From: David H. Lipman (DLipman~nospam~_at_Verizon.Net)
Date: 02/25/05

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 20:18:33 -0500

"Old Geaser" <> wrote in message news:KUtTd.46232$uc.9659@trnddc03
| Hi Dave,
| I think I may have to delete XP ,reformat and reinstall. When I try to do #
| 1 I have a problem. I get to the delete files and a box comes up called
| RUNDLL, it says an exception accured, c:\windows\system 32\ shell32.dll\
| control_rundll. I then went to System Tools, Disk cleanup. When I try
| to run disk cleanup, I get a flag saying disk cleanup manager has a problem,
| and to tell microsoft about the problem.

Well you shouldn't have to reformat for a Java Trojan such as the Java/Byteverify but if you
are having all those other problems -- Your OS sounds corrupted.


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