Re: Downloader Stubby again

From: Colin Wilson (
Date: 02/21/05

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    Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 08:38:13 -0000

    > thanks, I had Spybot but my machine doesn't like it; I'm using AVG,
    > Spydoctor, and yesterday I bought NoAdware. Can I delete the Windows
    > subdirectory, obviously not the Windows directory?
    > Do you know what this Trojan is, where I am picking it up and what it
    > does, etc?

    Shit - certain products are recommended for a reason, and very few anti-
    spyware apps are truly legitimate.

    Do a text search on this page to see how many times SpyDoctor gets a
    mention... many "anti-spyware" apps are all the same utility, and you
    just bought a rogue (unless you got the name wrong) - if you have a
    credit card i`d contact them and ask them to sort out a refund /

    SpyDoctor ( /
    false positives work as goad to purchase (1); poor scan reporting (1); 
    same app as #1 Spyware Killer, Spyinator, SpyKiller 2004, SpyLax, 
    SpySpotter, SpywareThis, & Spyware Protection Pro; Ad-aware knockoff; no 
    longer available (succeeded by SpyLax) -  Note: not to be confused w/ 
    Spyware Doctor, a completely different app by another company [A: 6-29-04 
    / U: 10-25-04]
    SpySpotter (
    false positives work as goad to purchase; installed via adware drive-by-
    downloads (1); same app as #1 Spyware Killer, SpyDoctor, SpyFirewall, 
    Spyinator,  SpyKiller 2005, SpyLax, SpywareThis, & Spyware Protection 
    Pro; Ad-aware knockoff [A: 8-9-04 / U: 8-9-04]
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