Re: Hard Drive Dilema

From: Mike Hall \(MS-MVP\) (
Date: 02/16/05

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 09:47:30 -0500


I had two Maxtor 40gbs crap out in three weeks, but sssssshhhhhhhhhhh..
don't let anybody else know that..

Mike Hall
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"Malke" <> wrote in message 
> DigitalBIOS wrote:
>>    Hello Mr. Hall,
>>  Im giving a bit of optimism towards the drive itself since the
>>  owner's pc
>> is just over 3 months old.  All the knowledge that I've gathered,
>> including the vasts amounts of information that I already know, tell
>> me that the source
>> of the hard drive's misfit roams in the boot sector.  It just wont
>> pass through my mind that such a new device could already be (as you
>> put it)
>> "crapped out".  I never really trusted Western Digital HDDs...not that
> (snip)
> Well, I'm sure we'll all be very interested to hear the end of the saga.
> However, in the "vasts amounts of information" (sic) that you already
> know, you surely know that the newness of the hardware has absolutely
> nothing to do with whether it has failed. In fact, if hardware is
> faulty it will generally fail within the first few months of use.
> Good luck,
> Malke
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