Re: Hard Drive Dilema

From: Mike Hall \(MS-MVP\) (
Date: 02/15/05

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 09:03:28 -0500

Run the XP CD and do a repair install..

Mike Hall
MVP - Windows Shell/user
"DigitalBIOS" <> wrote in message
>     Hello anyone, first of all...sorry for the long message....this is
> really serious stuff to me.
> From time to time, I do some pc fixing, whether it be on my pc or someone
> elses.  I always finish the job with a satisfactory....not this time.  I
> haven't given a diagnosis yet.  Here's a detailed explaination to what's
> happening:
> 1.   I turn the pc far so good....finishes searching for installed
> HDD(s) and/or CD-Roms.
> 2.   As you all know the next step should be this one: a black background
> screen presenting (in this case WinXP) the XP logo and a blue "loading OS"
> indicator at the bottom.  I hope you understand.
> 3.   Well, it never gets to that second step.  I immediately know it's
> serious.  The pc reboots by itself and the cycle restarts all over, again 
> and
> again and again.
> I took the hard drive out from its place and placed it as a secondary 
> drive
> on another pc to run antivirus software (TrendMicro PC-cillin Internet
> Security 2005).  I found more than 300 trojans and worms....some were
> repeated, including the known sasser virus.  I thought that did the trick,
> but I was very very skeptical towards the matter prior to booting up with 
> the
> sick hard drive.  I was signs of getting better were apparent. 
> So
> I have come to isolate the problem to the boot sector of the hard
> drive...worm?.... messed up sector?... I cant really know for sure.  Im
> cornered beacuse I am forcing myself not to use formatting. Its too early 
> for
> that.
>                                     ANY HELP ANYONE? 

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