RE: Microsoft Search Assistant and Trojan Downloader Delf

From: Wayne Brinegar [MSFT] (
Date: 01/15/05

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    Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 17:06:05 GMT

    Good Morning,

    The DELF family of malware are Backdoor Trojans. Anyone of the anti-virus
    vendors would have a decription
    of how the malware behaves and any removal instructions. Based on
    information from a major anti-virus vendors website,
    the malware captures private data such as logging keystrokes.

    The plan should be:

    1. visit and download and install all the critical
    2. go to and scan your machine.
    DELF is not one of the scanned viruses but this utility could identify any
    3. do a manual update of your anti-virus signatures (just to make sure that
    the signatures really downloaded)
    4. boot your machine into safe mode and do a virus scan
    5. visit an anti-virus vendor's website for removal instructions.

    Please make a backup of your machine before this virus scan.
    I have seen machines that were so infected that after running the virus
    scan from safe mode, the machine would not boot.

    Please contact your anti-virus vendor for help in removing the malware.

    There are three ways a machine can be compromised:
    1. weak passwords
    2. missing Windowsupdate patches
    3. social engineering

    Please see the Password policy whitepaper at


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