Suspected Macro Virus, Please help. I can't detect it. Please help

From: JoshuaM (
Date: 12/30/04

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    Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 21:57:42 -0700

    I still have whatever is trying to open the start menu. Trend Micro left my
    case pending several months and didn't leave me a solution or suggestion.
    It says "done", but under solution, it says "no solution"

    any idea what might be like a macro, trying to open my start menu? It seems
    to look for the start menu button in its default place.

    I would like to get rid of this problem which trendmicro isn't helping,
    ad-aware, spybot, avg, and some other programs don't even detect.

    "JoshuaM" <> wrote in message
    > It is still in pending. It has been pending for almost a month. still
    > detecting that worm and still trying to open my start menu.
    > "Br0wnbear" <> wrote in message
    >> On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 13:47:43 -0700, "JoshuaM" <> wrote:
    >>>Ok trendmicro's program keeps saying it is finding that same registry key
    >>>deleting it... Also the suspected macro virus is still messing with my
    >>>computer. Still no dice with the other supposed detecting programs
    >>>either. I
    >>>am using AVG, Ad-Aware, and that Trendmicro thing. AVG in regular Windows
    >>>mode, Ad-Aware in both regular and safe modes, and the Trendmicro thing
    >>>safe mode. Any clues?
    >>>"Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]"
    >>><> wrote in
    >>>> JoshuaM wrote:
    >>>>> I was getting errors saying they couldn't be posted.
    >>>> Hi - you might want to consider using a newsreader like Outlook Express
    >>>> or
    >>>> Forte Agent rather than the web interface to the newsgroups - it's a
    >>>> lot
    >>>> easier to do nearly everything there, including searching, which is
    >>>> always
    >>>> a
    >>>> good idea to do before you post, as well as mark messages to be
    >>>> watched,
    >>>> and
    >>>> filter based on replies to your posts.
    >>>> The Microsoft public news server is and you can
    >>>> subscribe to as many groups as you like.
    >>>> Also OS is
    >>>>> windows xp. I will take a look at that info you gave me, thanks.
    >>>>> "Malke" wrote:
    >>>>>> Josh wrote:
    >>>>>>> I have tried avast, avg, ad-aware, spybot, and swat-it, and whatever
    >>>>>>> macro is programmed to try to access default placement of start
    >>>>>>> button in bottom left corner of screen keeps messing up my desktop
    >>>>>>> even though i moved my taskbar.
    >>>>>>> Thanks.
    >>>>>> I don't know why you think your posts aren't going through, but they
    >>>>>> all are. One is sufficient. Unfortunately, you didn't even tell us
    >>>>>> what operating system you are running. Did you do all scans in Safe
    >>>>>> Mode? Try this in Safe Mode:
    >>>>>> TrendMicro's Sysclean is an extensive av tool which has the
    >>>>>> advantage of not needing to be installed. It requires two parts -
    >>>>>> the scanning engine and the virus pattern files.
    >>>>>> 1. Create a new folder on your Desktop or the C: drive named
    >>>>>> something useful like "Sysclean".
    >>>>>> 2. Go here and download the two parts of the program to that folder:
    >>>>>> - Sysclean
    >>>>>> - virus pattern files
    >>>>>> 3. Restart your computer in Safe Mode. Get into Safe Mode by
    >>>>>> repeatedly tapping the F8 key as the computer is starting up to get
    >>>>>> to the proper menu.
    >>>>>> 4. Go to the Sysclean folder you made and double-click on
    >>>>>> Start the scan. After the scan is finished, look at
    >>>>>> the log. You may need to make a note of where any viruses were found
    >>>>>> if they were not able to be removed so you can manually delete them.
    >>>>>> Obviously, you should get Sysclean from a clean computer that is not
    >>>>>> connected to your infected one and burn to cd-r. After you've run
    >>>>>> your Sysclean scan in Safe Mode, post back to this *one* thread with
    >>>>>> results. One post.
    >>>>>> Malke
    >>>>>> --
    >>>>>> MS MVP - Windows Shell/User
    >>>>>> Elephant Boy Computers
    >>>>>> "Don't Panic!"
    >> Can you forward the file to trend micro for analysis as it may be a
    >> false positive.
    >> On the bottom of the page is a link to their free Virus
    >> Doctor/Submission Wizard
    >> hth
    >> John Brown
    >> Bears are always happy, we get to hibern8

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