STILL major issues with POPUP POP BEHINDS and and other garbage with IE

From: Mctabish (mc_at_)
Date: 12/24/04

Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 19:52:17 GMT

I am having major issues with IE. I have tried to install the latest SP as
well and it says that a newer version is already instaled (I might have
installed the latest already....) Here is the version I have installed:
Symptoms are as follows:
Lots of popups, some POP Behinds, and then "coupons" on the Left of explore
when I visit a lot of sites. The POPUPS appear even if explorer is CLOSED!!!
I used to never get any of these untill 2 weeks ago when I got hit with
several viruii. I got VX2 and then Malware IGETNET. See thread
Help please with VX2, IGETNET, ugroup and popups dated 12/14/04.

I have cleaned things as recommended.

I have ran SPY BOT S&D several times back to back, it keeps finding
IEEXPLOIT, I run AD-AWARE 1.05 and it keeps finding tracking cookies, and
then I run it again, system is clean. I have ran MicroTrends and other than
error 94, every thing seems OK. McAfee finds nothing.

I have tried all of these steps in both SAFE and normaol mode. During on of
the steps, that I followed from this roup earlier, I had been told to turn
of RESTORE POINTS so I can not resotre to an earlier time.
I do have DATA backed up, but to the OS/APPS so I am HOPING not to restore
the system....(LAST RESORT!!!!)

This is a laptop using a wireless router (Linksys) that I have a server on
(on always turned on) that I like to share files back and forth. Sever has
been turned OFF during this whole time)

Several questions:
How should I set up MS Firewall, How should I have router setup
And more important, how the HECK do I get this system back to normal?


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