Re: NEED HELP w/ virus

From: Road Runner (
Date: 11/20/04

Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 20:07:56 -0500

Hi ...If you have an Anti-Virus Program which is fairly new ( mostly under a
year )and you are sure that you are still recieving update definitions ?
Then update yours now ....
Then afterward download a few programs , Like these here below

first one is Ad aware ( free Version )

Start up this program , What you need to get is the most latest update for
it ,run JUST the "updated" option and afterward close the program for later
use ...

Next program >> Spybot Search and Destroy ( Free )

Next Program >> SpywareBlaster ( Free )

Okay now perform this operation from this website below

Okay this is next to perform below :

Click Start. >>Open My Computer. Select the Tools menu and click Folder
Options. Select the View Tab.
Under the Hidden files and folders heading select Show hidden files and
folders. Uncheck the Hide protected
operating system files (recommended) option. Click Yes to confirm. Click OK.

Now its time to start your computer in Safe Mode
How to start up in safe mode , there is 2 ways in doing so , just choice one
method only ... Look at this website below

Okay once in safe mode do the following : Clear out the Temporary internet
files and other temp files.
Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel >Internet Options.
Under the General tab click the Delete temporary internet files,
delete all Offline content as well. Clear out Cookies ... Now close
eveything and be back at your desktop

Now click the start buttom > then the Find/search option > click Files or
folders > in the named box, type: *.tmp , click search and choose Edit >
select all -> File > delete.

Empty/delete the entire contents of the C:\Windows\temp folder and C:\temp
folder, (Contents only but not the folder itself.)

This one too if it is there C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local
Delete the recycling bin ...

Now start up Ad Aware and just basically perform the options its set at for
now ... And remove whatever it finds ...
Start spybor search and destory and do the same with this program
Also with the spyware blaster , just clean what it finds ....

Now use your Anti - Virus Program and run it and see what it finds ...If
your anti-virus finds anything try the repair option first, if that can't be
done then delete the file...
Now restart your computer back to normal mode and reset the setting back
too...Once your computer is up and running do the following :
and this next >>> :
Okay after all that was done and you want to be sure its clean go to these
anti virus scan sites and do the scan from each site if you like

"arizona_6" <> wrote in message
> please, any help would be greatly appreciated. recently i had the blue
> screen
> of death pop up and i had to use the recovery cd to rescue everything.
> when
> my comp. came back online my antivirus warning said it detected and
> blocked
> the following virus...
> i've read everything i can find about it and have tried to install the
> microsoft patch, but when i try to download it says i have an upgraded
> patch
> already. i assume this came from the new service pack 2 that i just
> installed
> last month. However, my computer seems to be running slower then usual and
> just this morning i had the blue screen of death pop up again(however
> everything seemed ok upon restart). Also in the past two days i've had
> repeated virus warnings for the same virus mentioned above. it seems that
> it
> keeps trying to get into the system (if it isn't already) over and over
> again. I've tried a search for the virus, i've used my antivirus program
> (which happens to be Trendmicro with all the newest updates and patterns)
> for
> a manual scan, and i couldn't find anything. But my computer just doesn't
> seem right, and i keep getting warnings about this virus trying to get
> into
> my system. please, anyone who can help, please do so. thank you.
> -heather