Re: Trojan.Dropper.Funweb.A

From: Alex.V.Prokhorov ()alexvp_at_ch(dot)
Date: 11/16/04

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 00:23:26 +0200

      Into the name of Electron, and Silicon, and Binary Numeration, greet
you Bud Z! I wish to continue prayer, addressed by you at November, 16 to
somebody, on cause "Re: Trojan.Dropper.Funweb.A".

 BZ> Thanks so much for the help, I would have never gotten it without your
 BZ> help. I'm going to keep these notes in case this ever happens again.

    I'm glad we were able to help to you.

 BZ> What I don't understand is why the BitDefender support team couldn't
 BZ> have given me these instructions.
 BZ> Maybe BitDefender is not as good as they claim.
 BZ> Thanks again, I surly appreciate it.
 BZ> Can I ask you what virus program either of you would recommend?
 BZ> I've tried f-prot, McCaffee, Norton, and a couple others but had
 BZ> problems with them also.

    I can't recommend any *virus* program. I will recommend any *antivirus*
program. No significant differences in protection level between most AV
programs. No one AV program can do exact as you think, no one can act as you
mean. Everyone must be controled by man with mind and hands. So, you need to
choose AV program which you will understand and feel better than other.

    My personal preferences - Kaspersky AntiVirus (KAV). I like it. I
understand it. I feel it. I'm believe KAV is a little bit better than many
other AV programs. Together with Kaspersky AntyHacker and Kaspersky AntiSpam
it can be very good protection.

 BZ> Bud Z