Re: Script Blocking-File Object: Create Text File --Juno 5.0 Software?

From: Malke (
Date: 11/10/04

Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 05:30:15 -0800

Eli wrote:

> I use Norton AntiVirus 2004 and Juno 5.0 Build 33
> In the Juno software, when I click on Help-->-"What'sNew in Juno 5.0"
> on
> the horizontal menu, my Norton Antivirus displays a reading that a
> suspicious script has been detected and that the PC has been halted.
> In the Norton AntiVirus logfile:
> <<<<
> Suspicious Script Blocked-: File System Object: Create Text File
> Source : JUNO.EXE
> >>>>>
> This scripting alert is followed by several error messages about Juno
> creating an error in......
> This has happened several times. So far , it has happened only when I
> clicked on that : "What's New in Juno 5.0" item.
> I redownloaded the software from the Juno site, uninstalled the Juno
> and reinstalled from the new Juno 5.0 file. But the same malicious
> script alert occured even with the new installation.
> Is this likely a false positive, or could there be a malicious script
> somehow generated by that software?
> What might be causing that malcious script alert?
> Thanks in advance
> -Eli
> I use Windows ME
> Internet Explore 6.0 SP1
> Norton AntiVirus 2004

While I rather doubt that Juno's software is malicious, there's always
the possibility that their website has been compromised and there *is*
a malicious script in there. I think I'd contact Juno and let them know
this is happening, and possibly also Symantec in case it is just a
false positive. I have no idea what the script could be doing, but it
isn't really kosher; one doesn't expect to have a script run when all
you want to see is a changelog. In the meantime, don't click on "What's


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