Re: wire-tap

From: Jim Macklin (p51mustang[threeX12)
Date: 10/26/04

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 14:41:03 -0500

Do you mean you have Norton (not norman)?

rd means redirect to international is also an ad tracking site and it isn't a
good thing.

You seem to have been hijacked.

Most likely YOU opened some website and did not block
installation of the adware/spyware that took over your

Get SpyBot Search & Destroy from
and Ad-Aware SE Personal from
install and run their updates, then scan you computer.

Be sure to update your anti-virus at least weekly.

For more info on security see

The people think the Constitution protects their rights;
But government sees it as an obstacle to be overcome.
"anja" <> wrote in message
| hi everyone
| my operating system is xp sp1 and i have a virus program 
and a personal
| firewall, norman. i have a broadband connection to net. 
this last weekend i
| had some problems to register into pages which are 
maintained of my operator.
| i got the next message several times: the certificate is 
| is right, but on the message it was
| then there was also that someone is maybe wire-tapping me. 
what is this?? can
| i open those pages or what should i do?? i wrote to my 
operator, but didn't
| get any answers. i hope this makes sense to you and you 
understand the
| question.
| thanks a lot forward
| anja 

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