IE crashed by trojans/viruses?

From: barb (
Date: 10/07/04

Date: 6 Oct 2004 23:21:37 -0700

Somehow various programs got installed on my computer - IF01.exe,
dp807615.exe, tvm_b5.exe, julie.exe, sdmsg.exe, sd.exe, and more.
I deleted these programs, and ran adaware and spybot. However, these
two programs crashed.
Whenever I try to launch my internet explorer, the computer freezes,
until I go to task manager and end the process.

Help, what can I do? Is there anything that I can alter in the
registery? I'm not really an expert, so any advice would be
appreciated. I'm now using my old netscape browser, and can hardly go
to any site with it...

Any tip will be appreciated!