Re: Please Help I Think I Have A Virus!

From: David H. Lipman (DLipman~nospam~_at_Verizon.Net)
Date: 10/04/04

Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 16:35:19 -0400

1) Download the following two items...

        Trend Sysclean Package

         Latest Trend signature files.

Create a directory.
On drive "C:\"
(e.g., "c:\New Folder")
or the desktop
(e.g., "C:\Documents and Settings\lipman\Desktop\New Folder")

Download and place it in that directory.
Dowload the signature files (pattern files) by obtaining the ZIP file.
For example;

Extract the contents of the ZIP file and place the contents in the same directory as

2) If you are using WinME or WinXP, disable System Restore
3) Reboot your PC into Safe Mode
4) Using the Trend Sysclean utility, perform a Full Scan of your platform and
        clean/delete any infectors found
5) Restart your PC and perform a "final" Full Scan of your platform
6) If you are using WinME or WinXP,Re-enable System Restore and re-apply any
            System Restore preferences, (e.g. HD space to use suggested 400 ~ 600MB),
7) Reboot your PC.
8) If you are using WinME or WinXP, create a new Restore point
9) Please report back your results


"Ginger" <> wrote in message
| Well, I downloaded somthing off of an away message on AOL
| Instant Messanger and at the time I didnt know it was a
| virus until my AIM automatically started signing on, and
| posting up the same hyperlink that i had clicked on. Now,
| my task manager, regedit, or yahoo browser wont open.
| When I click on them they either automatically shut down
| eally fast, or say that the program had encountered a
| problem like it does with the yahoo browser. I have
| already scanned my computer and gotten rid of many many
| virus's, but I think I need a patch or somthing because
| my computer is still messed up. Please help in anyway you
| can. Thank you!