Re: I desparately NEED HELP !

From: Cris (
Date: 08/31/04

Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 02:02:28 +0200

>I will then need to install the Service >Pack 2

Need? Wait for a moment... (or two...)

1-Before any attempt to install SP2: get information about it. Three links

Get as much information as possible about this issue. Read carefully it and
decide youself what to do and when.

2- Your computer may be running slow for several reasons:

a) Too many programs installed. Uninstall old ones.

b) Too many programs in Start/Run (Execute)/ Type msconfig in the box/ Go to
Start tab and uncheck unnecessary programs.

c) Spy/mal/adware:

Delete history, cookies, tep files and bin.

Update the following programs and run them in safe mode preferrable (F8)

CWShredder -

Spybot S&D -

Ad-aware -

SpywareBlaster -

Hijack this -

a squared A2 "Trojan Remover" -

SpywareGuard -

AND some in

d) There may be some other causes related to slow PC...

Comment your results.

"Terry Mumford" <> escribió en el mensaje
> Firts off, to whichever kind sould or souls read this, I
> am a complete DUMBO when it comes to computers, so if
> anyone does have any answers to my query, I would be
> eternally grateful if you could reply with any
> I have Windows XP, I have never had Service Pack 1 as I
> think it came out before I got the computer, however
> being a subscriber to Windows XP magazine, I have just
> received my free disc which is Service Pack 2, and on
> reading up, it appears a little daunting and out of my
> depth on how to install it
> For some reason my computer is running somewhat slow
> I have ran an adaware program and I have quarantined all
> the low risk items shown in that, there was one high risk
> one also quarantined
> I have never run a back up, because I dont know how to,
> can anyone guide me through this step by step
> The reason why I give this information, is because it
> says in the write up for Service Pack 2 that a back
> should be done
> Also I have an extra hardrive fitted, done by a relative,
> no longer contactible, that appears to work fine, I am
> just telling you this in case it is needed to be known by
> anyone out there who can help
> Finally once the slowness and the back up are solved I
> will then need to install the Service Pack 2
> Please be reminded I need full and explicit "CHILD LIKE "
> instructions
> Are you gane to help me, I hope so, I do not mind coming
> to some financial arrangement once the problem is done
> Terry Mumford