Re: GONE! Trojan Horse Downloader.agent.2.BK

From: Rosemary (
Date: 08/28/04

Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 09:37:19 -0700

Hi Chris,

I think the trojan is gone! Here is what happened:

To answer the question in your reply, I did indeed follow
the steps having to do with system restore that are
illustrated at the link you provided - at least twice
last night. But I thought, before I give up, let me give
it just one more try. So I followed the link you gave,
disabled system restore according to the instructions,
and decided to run the AVG scan. Lo and behold, AVG
spotted the trojan (as it had before), but this time it
was able to "heal it" and remove it. Just to make sure,
I re-ran the AVG scan again afterwards, and there were no
viruses or trojans found.

I don't know why this time worked - perhaps I had not
followed the system restore steps exactly right last
night; or perhaps the e-mail I sent to AVG last night
about the trojan produced a result; or perhaps a fix just
happened to be in the latest update. Or perhaps just
repetition of the scans over and over. I can't really
say. But hopefully it's gone for good, and is not
capable of "reappearing"!

To avoid this occurring again, Chris, do you have advice
for security precautions for me? As I said, I keep AVG
running with regularly scheduled updates. My wireless
router has a firewall; I have Roadrunner, which provides
a firewall; and I have Windows firewall enabled. While I
have been fortunate that this is the first time I've
contracted a virus, it now seems like the measures I have
in place might not be enough. Do you have any

Many thanks for your help, Chris!


>-----Original Message-----
>I believe you will have to wait until a fix for this
trojan in these
>circumstances... :-(
>>From your previous post I suppose you followed the steps
>correctly. For the people who may be interested: the
idea of that is to
>disable your system restore (with this you eliminate all
your previous
>restore points and therefore all the virus in "System
Volume Information",
>which is the file where restore points are kept.) After
that you run you
>updated antivirus, in safe mode if you want (F8), you
can also run some of
>them online to learn more. And finally you enable your
system restore again
>following the link intructions again. Check with the
antivirus once more
>just in case...
>Another option is to restore to a previous point BEFORE
the infection BUT
>probably you don't know for certain when you got the
virus... :-(
>In my opinion the only thing to do is wait, keep
upgrading and immediately
>running your antivirus in safe mode (F8) two or three
times a week and see
>what happens...
>Luck and tell us when this issue issolved :-)

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