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From: Scott (
Date: 08/18/04

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    Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 07:00:32 -0700

    Thanks Chek,

    This tool did the trick after I figured out that the
    hio.dll file had attached itself to both the Explorer
    process and another program called dd.exe. I was able to
    remove it and got back my Internet Explorer -- turns out
    that this thing takes over the default URL and search page
    in Internet Explorer and doesn't allow you to reset it --
    very annoying indeed!.

    Thanks again,

    >-----Original Message-----
    >It's not a WinXP or Win98 file, and the last article I
    can find on it was
    >written in 1997 as you say about Win95.
    >Lots of malware generates character string type names, so
    some names might
    >turn out to be readable.
    >If you're running Win 2K or XP, there's a program called
    Advanced Process
    >Manipulator available from:
    >It will let you search through the running processes to
    find the offending
    >..dll, then unload it from the process.
    >Once it's no longer running, you can delete it.
    >Change' boos' to 'bos' in address to email directly
    >"Scott L" <> wrote in message
    >> Norton Antivirus is flagging hio.dll as potential adware
    >> yet fails when trying to remove it. Even when
    >> in Safe Mode as Symantec suggests doesn't allow removal.
    >> The only thing I find when searching Google is some Java
    >> reference that this enable direct hardware access in
    >> Win95. Do I need this file? If not, any ideas on how
    >> get rid of it?
    >> Thanks Much,
    >> Scott

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