Re: hio.dll

From: Chek (
Date: 08/16/04

Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 16:03:22 +0100

It's not a WinXP or Win98 file, and the last article I can find on it was
written in 1997 as you say about Win95.
Lots of malware generates character string type names, so some names might
turn out to be readable.

If you're running Win 2K or XP, there's a program called Advanced Process
Manipulator available from:

It will let you search through the running processes to find the offending
.dll, then unload it from the process.
Once it's no longer running, you can delete it.


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"Scott L" <> wrote in message
> Norton Antivirus is flagging hio.dll as potential adware
> yet fails when trying to remove it.  Even when restarting
> in Safe Mode as Symantec suggests doesn't allow removal.
> The only thing I find when searching Google is some Java
> reference that this enable direct hardware access in
> Win95.  Do I need this file?  If not, any ideas on how to
> get rid of it?
> Thanks Much,
> Scott