Re: running Ad-aware causes RPC to unexpectly terminated system needs to reboot

From: Bob (
Date: 08/15/04

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    Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 14:14:02 -0700

    Hi dave,
    I took your advice and chosed the link to symantec. I ran
    the scanner and said no virus found. Also I found
    somewhere in here to temporilly disable the shutdown
    error, you can do the following....

    Click on start -> run
    in the dialog box type cmd and press enter
    then in the cmd window, type in "shutdown -a"

    I did that and let Ad-aware continue to scan. After the
    scan and rebooting the computer, the RPC error went away.
    So I think everthing is ok now unless you or anyone else
    thinks otherwise then please post your opinion or ideas.

    >-----Original Message-----
    >Please go to one or more of the below online scanners
    and perform a scan of your platform
    >then report back your results.
    >"Bob" <> wrote in
    >| Ok, I have given up searching in the windows XP
    >| seeing if there where any else having problems when
    >| running Ad-aware. if there is such post I sure can't
    >| it except for a bunch user in this newsgroup saying Ad-
    >| aware is a good recomendation, as well as Windows
    >| zone saying the samething.
    >| So I go to try it by downloading the software and
    >| installing it onto my Windows XP Home Edition system.
    >| Though after tring 2 times of scanning my system with
    >| aware, a RPC error pops-up stating somthing to the
    fact I
    >| need to save all my work within such and such amount of
    >| time and the system will reboot after the time has
    >| expires.
    >| Now the last time I remember recieving this error was
    >| when the spybot32.worm just came out which would almost
    >| make it impossible for me to do anything on my system.
    >| Finding that this was a virus, I followed the
    >| from symantec's website on how to remove the virus, and
    >| downloaded the microsoft security patch, and bought a
    >| hardware firewall (Linksys Firewall Router), which
    >| doing so everthing looked fine. Now I get this same
    >| message again when running Ad-aware, so I tried
    >| my system with Nortans Antivirus and there where no
    >| viruses found. I also recieved a message this morning
    >| that LiveUpdate had downloaded the new updates on to my
    >| system. So inconclusion I know I have a firewall
    >| I know that Nortan's Antivirus LiveUpdate is up to
    >| and I had just scanned my computer after finding this
    >| error would pop-up which didn't find any viruses. So
    >| the *!@# is wrong with my damb XP Home Edition system?

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